You probably notice that there is no pricing on any of the pieces. The reason for that is that everything is negotiable. Some of the pieces are framed. Sizes range from 12"x12" all the way up to 60" canvases.  Raymond can be commissioned. He can use your photographs if it is for a particular landscape or portrait. Raymond also does murals if you are thinking of decorating or even redecorating. Shipping and Handling of pieces will be figured into the price. If there is to be a mural of course there would be consultation prior to painting. If there is travel involved in case of a mural in the home, travel expenses would be in the price as well.

If you are commissioning the artist, 50% of the price will be expected up front for materials such as paint and canvas.

If you commission the artist, Raymond will give you a 10% discount on the first painting. To continue the savings refer Raymond for an additional 10% finder fee!

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