Raymond has always enjoyed doing impressionistic acrylic paintings of landscapes as well as seascapes. He's visions come from places that he has traveled to and places that he has lived. He loves sharing these visions with the world. 

Maybe you have a vision that you have photographed and would love to expand and move to a canvas or even better a mural in your home to be shared by all those that darken your door?

                                     The Door 

                              Big Bone Lick Lake 

                                      The Portal 

                        The Rolling Hills of Kentucky 

                                            Midnight Sonata 

                                    The Citadel 

                             The Cliffs of Hana

                         The Black Beach of Maui  

                           The Coast of Amalfi 

                              Ireland in Winter 

                         Dusk in the Queen City 

                                Lilly's under the cherry blossoms. 

                                   Paradise Cove 

                             Somewhere in Cabo 

                                    Hidden Mesa 

                            The Harbor of Napoli 

                   Porto del Pollenco, Mallorca Spain 

                                The Red Maple 

                           Camp Ernst Lake Kentucky

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